JCU - Soccer Wins and Losses

JCU Femm 2014 2015Roma, 8 novembre 2014 - Last night a thunderstorm was expected and with all its might, it hit at 8:45pm at Petriana... Its name was the JCU Lady Gladiators! It was a wonderful opening game for our lady gladiators who started the season in the best way possible. 15 goals scored for a final score of 15-3. The game was also the most important of the league, against one of our biggest opponents - AUR! In the first half we led by whopping 9 goals. Coach P.Farina stated: "We showed both our technique and our tactics. We played by touching the ball as little as possible and found space to make sure that we occupied the entire field" The best player for our team was Olivia, although everyone deserved a spot! Well done lady gladiators! ...

Meanwhile JCU Men's Soccer Gladiators were facing one of the best teams of their division; the Erasmus. This is a team that includes students from all over Europe who are studying abroad in public Italian Universities. Most of the players were from Spain and from Portugal. The second game of the season started well, with both teams playing good offensive soccer. Many great plays took place, especially from the visitors, which meant that our goalkeeper, Alfredo Verrina, was the first half’s hero. Ten minutes of coach Concari's speech seems to give JCU some newfound confidence, but during the 61st minute, Pulgar collects the ball just inside the danger zone, and wraps his right foot around the ball sending it to the net and scoring the first goal of the Erasmus season. Now the initiative is handed to JCU, and the Gladiators have a fantastic response. Both Stefan Mihailovic and Loic Johnson have two opportunities to equalize, but the bar coupled with an unlucky play stopped the Gladiators bringing the game to a final 0-1 loss. At the end of the game Coach Concari said that he was a little disappointed with his players for their insecurity during first half, but he also expressed his happiness about their perseverance after the Erasmus goal. This same perseverance has to be shown in the next game of Wednesday, November 12th, when the Gladiators will take on their opponents of 3 years and returning champions of the tournament; Foro Italico! JCU Man of the match: Brian Breslin

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